At Todd Appraisal, we believe that the essence of our business is the service that we can provide.

*** Johnson County, Kansas tax notices of appraised property value will be mailed March 15th. Appeals must be filed thirty days subsequent to the mailing date. Our appraisers will be standing by to assist with your valuation needs. ***

Often, the difference between making a loan and losing one is the real estate appraiser’s turnaround time. Because of this, we have optimized our service for the best balance of accuracy and thoroughness. At Todd Appraisal, we believe in being Right on Value, Right on Time.

From our initial contact with the homeowner to the property inspection, it is important to Todd Appraisal that our client is represented with the utmost of professionalism with an experienced guiding hand to reassure them throughout the real estate valuation process in as timely and efficient a manner as possible.


Todd Appraisal will do everything we can to provide you with every real estate appraisal tool you need. Private hard money sales, opinions of value for estate planning or divorce proceedings, jumbo construction loans: our experience at Todd Appraisal will guide you through any real estate valuation process you need. If you require something different please let us know.

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Below are several important Resources that we hope will assist you with your appraisal experience.


Our coverage area at Todd Appraisal includes a wide swath of counties from Topeka across to St. Louis, and down south as far as Tulsa. Whether you live in the Kansas City urban core or a rural town in eastern Kansas, give us a call.

Major areas include: Kansas City, Columbia/Jefferson City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Topeka, Rolla, Springfield, etc. Click on the states below for a complete county coverage listing.


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